Fire safety


Fire safety

Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but it is important to know which escape route to take in case of fire. Signs inside the complex will indicate the escape routes.

Keep escape routes clear
By order of the fire brigade, no bicycles, tables, sofas, drying racks, etc. are permitted to be placed or stored in the main entrance, technical room, hallways, stairwells or emergency exits. In the interest of safety, these items will be removed without warning.

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors are located in all escape routes, hallways and kitchens in the complex. They are connected to a central control room. Is the smoke detector going off? The central control room will contact the caretaker. The fire brigade will arrive in the event of fire. Keep doors and windows closed under those circumstances.

Is there a different cause, e.g. too much smoke from cooking? Open windows and doors to thin out the smoke and ventilate the room. After that, press the 'zoemer uit' button at the alarm system.

Fire hose reels
Fire hose reels are present in every corridor. These are used in the event of a fire.