In front of the building are containers for residual waste. Please use these containers for the benefit of the environment.

Residual waste
Do you live in a room with shared facilities? You can deposit residual waste in any type of bag in the waste container. Do you live independently?  You will have to buy your own green bags. You can open the containers with your room key.

Seperate waste collection
Several containers have been placed at the corner Dennenstraat/Boeckstaetedreef to provide separate waste collection (paper, clothing and glass). 

Orange waste bags are available for the disposal of plastic waste. You can buy this waste bags in almost every supermarket in Nijmegen. The costs are 50 cent for 10 bags. You can hang the plastic waste bag on the orange rings that are on the lamppost in front of the building.

Waste Calender
In the Dar waste calendar you can read on which day what (paper, plastic, organic etc) will be collected.

Organic waste
Do you want to separate Vegetable, Garden and Fruit Waste (VGF)? Please request for a green bucket from the Dar yourself.

Do not put waste beside the containers
The municipality regularly checks to see if there is waste outside the containers. If they are able to identify who left it there, that person will be fined.

International student (shortstay)

Are you an international Short Stay student of  the Radboud University (RU) or the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN)?

The information above includes you.

You have four garbage bins in your kitchen. These bins are intended for plastic, paper, glass and other waste. This way you can separate as much as possible waste. If the bins are full, you can do it into the specific waste container near your complex.