There is a bin in every kitchen.

Residual waste
Residual waste is collected on Wednesday morning. Place your closed rubbish bag on the side of the road. Be sure to put your bag outside before 8.00 am. You can buy the specific waste bags you need at the supermarket.

Plastic waste
On every Tuesday during even-numbered weeks, plastic waste needs to be put out on the side of the road. Please use the special plastics bags (which you can get for free at the supermarket) for this type of waste.

There will be two of each type in your room when you arrive.

Do not put waste out too early
Do not put your waste out too early or too late. The municipality regularly checks whether there is waste outside before or after pickup times. What if they are able to find out who left it there? You will be fined. 

More information about waste separation can be found in the waste pointer.