Involvement and input from you, as a resident, is important. Students have a fresh perspective, good ideas, and surprising insights. These are valuable to us. We are eager to hear what you have to say. 

Our tenants are represented in an active renter’s organisation: Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH). SPH speaks for the interests of all tenants and is an important negotiating partner.

Important negotiating partner
We consult with SPH multiple times per year regarding topics such as service costs, maintenance, rental policy, and renovation plans. SPH also meets with us and representatives for the municipalities of Nijmegen and Arnhem each year to make performance agreements regarding matters such as sustainability, affordability, and the housing stock in the municipalities.

The board = the student
SPH has a board and a general committee, who are all enthusiastic students that live in our buildings and collaborate with us. The board consists of a chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer. The general committee selects the board.

A tenant meeting is held once a year. All tenants are invited to attend. At this meeting, residents are informed about what SPH has done and what its plans are. 

Want to know more?
Visit the SPH website

Want to know more about tenant organisations? Please visit the national government website.