Remodel room


Remodel room

To maintain the technical condition of the apartments, you are not permitted to change any of the technical systems or architectural layout of your apartment.

Changing your room
Do you want to customise your room to suit your own taste? This is allowed, but you must follow a few rules:

Painting / Drilling / Nailing
You can paint the walls in your room in any colour you like between the baseboards on the floor and ceiling. It is important that you use a good latex paint an no smudge-free paint. Before leaving, you must evenly repaint the walls in the colour RAL 9010. The other option is to have the next tenant accept the colour that the walls have been painted. Painting the ceilings, windows, window frames, doors, baseboards, etc. is not permitted.

There are no picture frames in the room. You can drill in the walls, but keep in mind that there are pipes here. Be careful! Please do not stick posters/stickers to the wall with adhesive tape or poster tack/ sticky pads.

The apartment does not come with any carpeting or rugs. Are you installing any carpeting? If so, remember that flooring has to be removed again once you leave the room for good. There should not be any glue or foam residue stuck to the floor. You can also transfer it over to the next tenant. 
Avoid making a lot of noise! Place a sound-damping layer underneath your flooring.