Remodel room


Remodel room

To maintain the technical condition of the apartments, you are not permitted to change any of the technical systems or architectural layout of your apartment.

Changing your room
Do you want to customise your room to suit your own taste? This is allowed, but you must follow a few rules:

Painting / Drilling / Nailing
It is not allowed to paint the doors and frames. Ceilings and walls of the room may be painted. Use white for the ceilings and neutral for walls.

Limit the provisions you need to make to hang wall decorations and lamps. Prevent damage to the walls by not drilling into the walls.

The apartment does not come with any carpeting or rugs. Are you installing any carpeting? If so, remember that flooring has to be removed again once you leave the room for good. There should not be any glue or foam residue stuck to the floor. You can also transfer it over to the next tenant. 
Avoid making a lot of noise! Place a sound-damping layer underneath your flooring.

There are no curtains in your room.

Lighting fixtures
You can connect a lamp to the connector.

Technical systems
Always indicate any technical system malfunctions (power, heating, water, etc.) to your caretaker immediately. Don't start tinkering with the systems yourself.

International student (shortstay)


Are you an international Short Stay student of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN)? 

Walls, doors and ceiling
It is not allowed to paint the doors, walls or ceiling. To prevent damage to the walls and pipes located in the walls, drilling is not allowed.
Should you want to put a picture or suchlike on the wall, please use the skirting on the wall/ceiling.

The apartment has floor-covering. You are not allowed to have your own floor-covering.

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