Remodel room


Remodel room

Do you want to customise your apartment to suit your own taste? This is allowed, but you must follow a few rules:

Painting / Drill / Hammer
You can paint the walls of your apartment/room in any colour you like. The ceiling can only be painted in white. It is important to choose a good latex paint (smudge-proof).

You will need to change the colours of the walls/ceilings back to white if the new resident does not want the walls the colour you have painted them.
It is not allowed to paint window frames, skirting boards, or doors. If you paint the bathroom in your apartment, make sure you use a good antifungal wall paint.

To prevent damage to the walls and pipes located in the walls, drilling is not allowed. Should you want to put a picture or suchlike on the wall, please use the skirting on the wall/ceiling. It is also forbidden to drill or hammer anything into doors and any wood finishing.

In your apartment and in your room there is no flooring. When flooring your apartment or room, keep in mind that you will need to remove this flooring when you leave your apartment. There should not be any glue or foam residue stuck to the floor.

Prevent noise pollution by installing a sound-insulating layer beneath your flooring. In the common areas of the single rooms there is flooring.

Curtains and curtainrails are not present in the apartments. The single rooms have curtain rails.

If you live in a double (two person) apartment, it is possible to install a dishwasher in the kitchen of your apartment. A connection needs to be made for this and only Gommers Nijmegen is permitted to do this. We have a fixed price agreement of €100,-.
Want to install one? Please contact us. Gommers will get in touch with you to make an appointment. You pay for the installation yourself and when you leave the apartment, you will not receive a reimbursement from SSH&.

The single rooms do not have a connection to place a dishwasher in  the kitchen.