Remodel room


Remodel room

To maintain the technical condition of the apartments, you are not permitted to change any of the technical systems or architectural layout of your apartment.

Changing your room
Do you want to customise your room to suit your own taste? This is allowed, but you must follow a few rules:

Painting / Drilling / Nailing
You are not allowed to paint the walls, doors or ceilings. Do you live in a room in the former chapel? Then you may paint the walls in a different color. When you leave, those walls must be delivered uniformly white.

The walls and ceiling contain many ducts. To avoid damaging these, you are not permitted to drill or hammer into these surfaces. Do not drill or hammer into windows, frames or other wooden finishes.

Picture frames
Slats have been mounted to the wall along the ceiling. You can use these to hang wall decorations, paintings, posters, etc. You can hammer into these slats. Please do not stick posters/stickers to the wall with adhesive tape or poster tack.

Your room is fitted with marmoleum, PVC or dessalon. You may put different flooring in your room. If you do this, keep in mind that you will need to remove this flooring when you leave. You can lay a different floor over the marmoleum but there should be no glue or foam residue stuck to the original floor.

All rooms have a curtain rail. You are not allowed to screw or drill into the window frames.