The cabinet has announced measures to prevent spread of the corona virus. This means for you as a tenant:

  • The SSH& head office is closed. Do you have to sign your contract or pick up a key? Call us to make an appointment.
  • Scheduled maintenance is still in progress. Do you have symptoms or do you think it is not justified that we come to your room? Let us know! If we are coming, please keep your distance.
  • For the communal areas in your complex goes: a maximum of 3 people or one household in the room at the same time. Clean used contact surfaces afterwards. And: do not throw parties! 
  • Your repair request may take longer. We receive a lot more requests than usual and it takes us more time to handle these requests, as have to take all the necessary precautions. Try to delay your repair request if you can.
  • Room (group) viewings for new flatmates are prohibited. The national rule of maximum 1 visitor per day applies.
  • (Possibly) infected with the virus? Please keep SSH& informed.

SSH& follows the guidelines of the RIVM and expects the same from you as a tenant.