Moving internally


Moving internally

Do you want to move internally? This is possible in most complexes. It is also possible to move to a different SSH& complex.
Check our website for more information about moving internally.

You must still be studying full time in Nijmegen or Arnhem and have a valid proof of study.

International student (shortstay)

Are you an international Short Stay student of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) or Radboud University (RU) or Van Hall Larenstein University (VHL)? 

It is not possible to move to another room during the period of your rental agreement. 

Do you keep studying in Nijmegen or Arnhem after the rental agreement has ended? 
You can react on unfurnished rooms on our website. Please note that you may not be able to end your current agreement. Paying rent for two rooms during a short time is than applicable. 

Questions about needing a new room after the first agreement? Please contact the housing department