Housing benefit


Housing benefit

Do you rent an independent room? If so, you could qualify for housing benefit. The right to housing benefit depends on a number of conditions. The amount of your calculated rent, your income, and your assets determine whether you are entitled to housing benefit. 

What amounts do you need to know in order to apply for the housing benefit?
Base rent (subtract any temporary discounts from the base rent)
Service fees:

  • Energy expenses in common areas (general electric costs); 
  • Cleaning costs; 
  • Caretaker fees (caretaker) 

There is a maximum of €12.00 for each service fee type. For example, if cleaning costs are €13.58, you are only allowed to claim the maximum of €12.00. Other costs do not apply.

Our website contains more information on housing benefit.

International student (shortstay)

Are you an international Short Stay student of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN), Radboud University (RU) or Van Hall Larenstein University (VHL)?

It is not possible to ask for housing benefit. The rent you pay is all-inclusive.