Cancel rent


Cancel rent

We are sad to see you go. We hope you had a good time!

Cancellation period and termination date
The cancellation period is one month in advance. The end date can never be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The last rental day cannot be a bank holiday, either. Log in to “My SSH& - renting” to cancel your rental.

Room check-ups
Before you leave your room, we must carry out two room check-ups. A preliminary and a final check-up. 

International student (shortstay)

Are you an international Short Stay student of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) or Radboud University (RU) or Van Hall Larenstein University (VHL)? 

The starting date and ending date is fixed. It is not possible to end your rental contract before the ending date of your contract.

Radboud University students only:

There is one exception for Radboud University students only
In principle you cannot terminate your rental contract.

You can find information about the rules which apply to you in your own rental contract. Therefore, please first check article 7 of your rental contract. In this article you can read if you can terminate your contract and as of which date. Can you terminate your agreement? And do you want to terminate your agreement? Please fill out the termination form on our website.

Final check up
Before your departure the common areas and your room need to be checked by your caretaker. We will inform you when he will do this.

Are you looking for a room after your rental contract has ended? 
You can respond to the available rooms yourself. You can find these rooms on our website.
Please note; these rooms are not furnished!