We recommend that you give your phone permission to receive our push notifications. Herewith you will be informed about planned maintenance, but also if there are acute disruptions or other urgent matters that concern you.

You don't know how to enable the push notifications? For Android check here, for IOS check here.

App or Webapp?
You can reach Ask Simon via https://simon.sshn.nl/ (webapp) or you can download it from the Appstore (iPhone and iPad) or in Google Play store (Android phones and tablets).

If you download our App it has the following advantages over the webapp:

App on your phone
The App is on your phone so you don't have to look up the URL. Just click on the Ask Simon icon and you'll have all the info you need right away.

Push notifications
When you start the App, you can indicate if you want to receive notifications. Check the complex where you live. From now on, you will receive important information via a push notification.

Don't forget to tick the box that you don't want to see the notification screen when you restart the App.

Your own homepage
If you have selected a complex for receiving push notifications, this complex will also become the start page of the App. You start immediately with all the information for the building where you live.

Modify homepage/push notifications
If you move to another complex, you can change this at the start of the App by clicking on the "notifications" button and choosing your new complex.